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John Bleuler Gilt Pocket Compass c.1795

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A very rare Georgian pocket compass, made by John Bleuler of 27 Ludgate, London, dating from c.1795. With a hand-painted, ceramic or enamel compass card in the classic Georgian style, signed by 'Bleuler, London'. It has a beautiful gilt or gold-plated brass case, English bar needle and jewelled pivot. There is a fully functional transit lock operated by a lever at the bow. The compass is in full working order and finds North very well. A rare and very high quality compass, from one of the finest London makers of the 18th century.

John Bleuler: John Bleuler (c.1756-1829) was a well-known optician and scientific instrument maker, working from 27 Ludgate, London at the end of the 18th century, from c.1790 until his death in 1829. Bleuler had served his apprenticeship with Henry Raynes Shuttleworth at 23 Ludgate from c.1771 to 1779, and continued to work with Shuttleworth until 1789. At the end of that year Bleuler went into business on his own account, taking over Samuel Whitford's opticians shop at 27 Ludgate. Bleuler continued to work from his Ludgate premises until his death in August 1829. He served as Master of the Spectaclemakers Guild in 1792, 1795 and 1811. During his long career Bleuler produced fine quality microscopes, telescopes, spectacles, compasses and other optical, scientific and mathematical instruments.


In very good, original condition, and excellent working order. The compass finds North very well. With just the normal signs of age, a few marks, and some wear to the gilt finish of the case. The suspension loop is missing from the bow, but otherwise the compass is in lovely, original condition. The compass card, needle and glass are in very good condition.

Dimensions: 45mm diameter, 10mm depth