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Bag the Hun | Air Ministry Manual (1943)

Bag the Hun | Air Ministry Manual (1943)

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A. P. 2580 A

AIR MINISTRY, London, 1943

‘Combat films prove that many combats against the Fw 190 are unsuccessful because of wrong estimation of opening range and wrong deflection. This booklet provide instruction and practice in these fundamentals ’

A rare original WW2 Air Ministry manual, published in November 1943. This is a guide to aerial gunnery for RAF and Allied air forces fighter pilots. It was specifically intended to help with attacks on the German Fw 190 fighter. With instructions, exercises, and numerous illustrations on aiming off, sighting, estimating range, angles of attack, and deflection shooting. There are many excellent diagrams showing exactly how you should identify and then shoot down an Fw 190. There is a celluloid aiming circle in a pocket at the rear, to be used in conjunction with the exercises in the book. The book also comes with an original USAF document, the '85th Combat Rules', a very interesting two page guide to the golden rules of aerial combat. As the document mentions dive bombing, it seems likely that this document was issued to fighter bomber pilots of the 85th Group USAF.

85th Group USAF: was formed during WW2 as the 85th Bombardment Group, a dive bomber unit equipped with Vultee V-72 Venegeance single-engine attack aircraft. The group's original squadrons were the 305th, 306th. 307th and 308th Bombardment Squadrons. It converted to A-24 Banshee Dive Bombers in August 1942 and was reassigned to Fourth Air Force in California. The 85th returned to Third Air Force in Louisiana and re-equipped with A-36 Apache attack aircraft in early 1943, moving briefly to Kentucky. The group then moved to Georgia with Curtiss P-40 Warhawk single-engine fighter in early 1944 as a Replacement Training Unit (RTU) for fighter-bomber pilots. It served as a RTU until it was disbanded in early in 1944.


In very good condition. The card cover is in good condition, with general signs of use and a few marks. With '85th' and '30 Nov 43' written on the front cover. The stitched binding is good and secure. The text and illustrations are in very good condition with a few marks. The celluloid sighting disc is in good condition. The '85th Combat Rules' document is in good condition.

Published: 1943
Illustrated card cover
Illustrated with line drawings and diagrams
Dimensions: 155mm x 180mm
Pages: 48